Reliability and Power for Every Need

We are proud to present our latest innovations: the STWP-190 and SFWP-280 Professional Motor Pumps.

These motor pumps have been designed to perform two main functions: pressure testing and filling the pipeline system.

The pumps combine robustness, efficiency and ease of use in a single device.


Main features of motor pumps:

  • Powerful and Reliable Engine: Equipped with latest generation CAT engines, the pumps offer exceptional power and optimized fuel consumption. The engine guarantees constant performance even in the most difficult conditions, making them ideal for intensive use.
  • High Suction and Delivery Capacity: With a maximum flow rate of 280 cubic meters per hour, the SFWP-280 is perfect for pumping large volumes of water in a short time.
  • Sturdy and Durable Structure: Made with high quality materials, the SFWP-280 is designed to withstand the most intense stresses. The treated steel frame guarantees optimal protection of the engine and internal parts, ensuring a long life of the product.
  • Ease of Use and Maintenance: The motor pumps are equipped with a quick start system and an intuitive user interface. Components are easily accessible for simplified maintenance, minimizing downtime.


Typical Applications:

  • Construction sites and Industry: Testing and filling of pipelines, drainage of excavations, waste water management, supply of industrial plants.
  • Civil Protection and Emergencies: Pumping interventions, management of water emergency situations.
  • Agriculture: Irrigation of fields, transfer of liquids.


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