The SDR-108 pile driver is the newest addition to SCAIP’s product line. Fully designed and manufactured in-house, the SDR-108 is the perfect solution for driving 10, 15 or 20 foot long piles into the ground efficiently and accurately.

The machine was originally developed with the aim of constructing of solar energy farms, but can also be used in other areas such as for example the construction of new roads and highways by driving the piles that hold the road safety barriers in place. For such applications, the machine was designed with tracks so it can easily reach harder to reach terrains and navigate on unleveled surfaces.

Powered by a 59hp Yanmar diesel engine, the hammer is capable of generating a max force of 1080 Joules and achieve a hammer speed of 900 bpm. The mast is also self-adjusting, enabling the machine to always post the piles perfectly vertical. The machine has been designed in a way that it can be fitted with either a fully or semi-automatic GPS system that helps with the quick and efficient installation of many piles in specifically pre-determined locations on not perfectly level ground, such as with the construction of solar energy farms.

The SDR Series comes equipped with:

  • 59 hp Yanmar diesel engine
  • Self-adjusting mast
  • 900 kg hammer working at 900 bpm delivering 1080 J.
  • Full or semi-automatic GPS system