The WARRIOR tractors are agricultural crawler tractors designed and manufactured by SCAIP since the 90’s. These tractors are specially made to maximize output during plowing operations on very hard and heavy soil. These machines are very suitable for farm or forest tillage (as well as for sowing combined with harrow, terrain milling, uprooting etc.) with excellent performance in terms of power, traction and stability. Another condition in which our Warrior tractors have shown exceptional performance is in very wet areas where traditional tractors would get stuck. Performing the preparation of the soil with our tracked tractors helps the total yield as it prevents from compacting the soil too much allowing for stronger crop roots and better water absorption and drainage.

The STX Series crawler tractors are equipped with:

– Turbo Diesel engines from 130 to 440 HP compliant with EU Stage V / EPA Tier 4 Final Ready regulations that ensure power and speed for any application.

– Steel or rubber tracks for optimized traction, durability and weight distribution. The Warriors were originally designed with steel tracks for their durability (up to 10,000 working hours) and higher fuel efficiency than traditional wheeled tractors. By using the tracks, soil compression is reduced and no barrier to the natural drainage of water in the field is created, in this way the crops can grow in the best soil conditions. Warriors can operate in fields with slopes up to 30 degrees due to the weight distribution achieved by the tracks.

– Full Speedtronic EVO systems that manage traction during all work operations. Once the operator has selected the machine translation speed, as well as the working depth of the plow, the system will control the power to the tracks so that the operator does not have to manually control the rear hydraulic lift.

– Electronic traction control system that reduces trajectory correction during all types of operations especially during plowing operations. In fact, the plowing operations create a load that comes out from the longitudinal axis of the tractor. This expedient greatly reduces the attention required by the operator while driving in the working phases of the tractor. The steering system is also equipped with a counter-rotation function for quick and easy operation and maneuvering in very confined areas.

– Closed-loop hydrostatic transmissions with two axial pistons with variable displacement pumps each feeding axial piston hydraulic motors connected to planetary final drives, in oil bath, with negative brake. The travel circuit is completely independent and separate from the auxiliary hydraulic circuit for the auxiliary equipment. There are two independent hydraulic oil tanks to avoid any possible pollution of the hydraulic oil.

– ROPS / FOPS, soundproofed and air-conditioned driver’s cabs mounted on the chassis by means of elastic supports (which reduce vibrations). The cabin can be folded down on one side to allow access to the pump compartments and hydraulic filters.

– 3-point hydraulic lifts on oscillating tow hook. It is also possible to have the machine equipped with only the oscillating drawbar without the 3-fall lift.

– PTO shafts at the front or rear. The PTO is mechanical. Speed ​​at 2000 rpm: 1000 rpm. Splined shaft size: 1 ”3/8.

– Custom machine configuration. Being multi-purpose tractors, the Warriors can be set up according to the needs of our customer. Our offer may cover special machine setups with specific applications required and / or tools for special auxiliary equipment.