The WARRIOR tractors, are agricultural tracked tractors designed and manufactured by SCAIP since the ’90. These tractors are especially meant to maximize output during plowing operations on very heavy soil.
Nowadays, these machines are very suitable for farm or forest tillage as well as for sowing combined with harrow, terrain milling, uprooting etc.…) with excellent performances in terms of power, traction and stability.

The WARRIOR Series have been studied, designed and built according to the following technical criteria:

1) Optimized distribution of the weight of the machine. The center of gravity is far more forward than in a traditional tracked tractor to achieve really good pulling performances with a reduced weight of the machine.

2) Floating principle of the machine on the ground . This is given by the large tracks that create a very low pressure on the ground despite of the machine weight . The soil compression is reduced,no barrier is created to the natural water drainage in the field. In this way the crops can grow in the best soil conditions.

3) Engines. .Direct injection common-rail turbocharged diesel engines with high power and torque (143, 175, 220, 250, 350 HP) that comply with EU Stage V / EPA Tier 4 Final Ready Standards.

High power means high translation strength, as well as high forwarding speeds (without ancillary equipment, (no under charge), up to 12 Km/h.

4) Steel tracks. The machine is equipped with steel tracks. In comparison with similar tractors equipped with rubber tracks or wheel tractors, this solution allows to achieve the following two main results:
a. Easy on muddy terrain; more efficient with minimum fuel consumption

b. The steel tracks were chosen by SCAIP’s technicians to reduce as much as possible maintenance and replacement costs. SCAIP selected LONG-LIFE tracks and chains (lubricated seal), ensured to reach a life-cycle up to 10,000 working hours,

5) Tracked wagons. The tracked wagons are of the swinging type to allow a continuous and efficient adherence and traction of the machine to the soil in any working condition.

6) Chassis. The particular “U” section of the chassis reduces the possible crawlings in case of very arduous land.

7) Managed traction – Strength Control. All new Warrior multipurpose tractors are equipped with  Full Speedtronic EVO System that manages the traction during every working operations. Once the operator has selected the travel speed of the machine, as well as the working depth of the plow , the Full Speedtronic EVO System will control the power to the tracks so that the operator will not have to  control the rear hydraulic lifter. In fact, the Full Speedtronic EVO System, after a slowing down of the tractor, increases automatically the torque value to the tracks, overtaking positively the overloading strength phase.

8) Traction control. The tractor is equipped with electronic traction control system that reduces the correction of the trajectory during all kind of operations especially during plowing operation. In fact, the plowing operation creates a load that is out of the longitudinal axle of the tractor. This expedient reduces considerably the attention requested by the operator during the driving in working phases of the tractor. Furthermore the steering system is equipped with counter-rotation function for easy and fast operations and maneuverings in very narrow areas.

9) Transmission. Our tractors are moved by a closed-loop hydrostatic transmission with two axial pistons with variable displacement pumps, each one supplying axial pistons hydraulic motors connected to planetary final drives, in oil bath,  with negative brake. The translation circuit is completely independent and separated from the auxiliary hydraulic circuit for the ancillary equipment. There are two independent hydraulic oil tanks to avoid any possible hydraulic oil pollution.

10) Fuel consumptions. It is fundamental to highlight that the hydrostatic transmission connected to an electronic control system allows the machine to have an infinite number of speeds. This allows WARRIOR tractors to adapt to any type of soil working in the best conditions of torque and power to ensure the minimum fuel consumption. Many farm tractors users think that the hydrostatic transmission reduces the efficiency increasing the fuel consumption. In fact the tests carried out in the fields demonstrated that the infinite number of speeds with reduced skidding, leads to very low and highly performant fuel consumptions  compared to traditional wheel tractors.

11) Maximum slopes. The WARRIOR tractors, thanks to their weight distribution, their stability and high engine power values, are able to work (without charge) on  slopes up to 55 %, (about 30 degrees).

12) Rops/Fops Cabin. The tractor is equipped with Rops/Fops, soundproof, air-conditioned driving cabin mounted on the chassis by elastic supports (that reduce the vibrations). The cabin can be overturned on one side to allow the  access to the pumps and hydraulic filters compartment .

13) Hydraulic rear lifter. The WARRIOR  tractors are equipped with 3 point hydraulic hitch lifter on swinging tow bar It is also possible to have  the machine equipped only with the swinging tow bar and without the 3 –hitch lifter.

14) Power take off. The PTO is of the mechanical type. Speed at 2000 rpm: 1000 rpm. Dimensions of grooved shaft: 1” 3/8 .

15) Machine set-up. Being the WARRIOR a multipurpose tractor, it can be set-up according to  Customers needs. Therefore SCAIP’s offer could cover special set-up of the machine with specific requested applications and/or tools for special ancillary equipment.

1. Freezer 8 liters capacity, inside the cabin (for some models, only);
2. Front counterweight;
3. Hydraulic dispenser available with increased number of sections with suitable hydraulic variable displacement pump for rear attachments;
4. ISOBUS sockets.
5. Front blade for leveling works (for some models only);
6. Front hydraulic lifter (for some models only)