Conversion Kit

Since 1992, SCAIP has started the production of special conversion kits for the transformation of pipelayers with typically mechanical winches into pipelayers with hydraulic winches.
These kits, once installed on the machine, allows the operator to manage the winches that control the winding of the ropes for the movement of the boom and for the descent / ascent of the hook through a single joystick.
The efficiency of the SCAIP project in this sense has been recognized by the most important international pipeline contractors, who have utilized SCAIP conversion kits to update and modernize their pipelayer fleets.
The success that this product has received on the market has been such that SCAIP has built and sold over 1,000 conversion kits.
The integration of this product with the anti-tipping system by SCAIP, called ATP Plus, has increased the company’s success as a partner and supplier of advanced technological solutions in terms of reliability and safety in the pipeline world for all contractors.