In 1992, SCAIP started the production of special conversion kits, called the CPX Series, to transform pipelayers typically equipped with mechanical winches, into pipelayers with hydraulic winches. These kits, once installed on the machine, allow the operator to manage the winches that control the winding of the ropes for the movement of the boom and for the descent/ascent of the hook through a single joystick.

The success this product has received in the market due to its effectiveness and reliability is such that SCAIP has already built and sold over 1,000 conversion kits worldwide.

The CPX Series conversion kits are equipped with:
– Free-fall buttons for the load being lifted
– Single joysticks controlling the winches that move the boom
– Boom kick-out systems to ensure booms never get bent
– Anti-two block systems to prevent collisions between the top block and hook block
– Anti tipping systems warning the operator before the load lifted reaches the tipping limit