Since 2007 SCAIP produces its own range of pipelayers, branded SPX. Designed and based on the experience accumulated over the years in this sector and using the latest technologies, SCAIP is able to offer its customer a reliable, efficient product that complies with the latest safety and environmental regulations. Our SPX Series of pipelayers are working in pipe laying projects across the world.

Our pipelayers are equipped with the latest safety technologies in the industry, and the engines and all the hydraulic components are selected from the best brands currently available on the market in order to guarantee maximum reliability, efficiency and assistance all over the world.

The SPX Series of pipelayers are equipped with:
– Hydrostatic transmissions
– ATP Plus systems warning the operator before the load lifted reaches the tipping limit
– LAS systems monitoring the longitudinal slope and warning the operator before tipping
– QD-CS systems enabling a quick disassembly of the ballast packs
– ROPS/FOPS protection roofs
– Optional: enclosed cabins fitted with air conditioning and heating systems