Reliability and Power for Every Need

We are proud to present our latest innovations: the STWP-190 and SFWP-280 Professional Motor Pumps.

These motor pumps have been designed to perform two main functions: pressure testing and filling the pipeline system.

The pumps combine robustness, efficiency and ease of use in a single device.


Main features of motor pumps:

  • Powerful and Reliable Engine: Equipped with latest generation CAT engines, the pumps offer exceptional power and optimized fuel consumption. The engine guarantees constant performance even in the most difficult conditions, making them ideal for intensive use.
  • High Suction and Delivery Capacity: With a maximum flow rate of 280 cubic meters per hour, the SFWP-280 is perfect for pumping large volumes of water in a short time.
  • Sturdy and Durable Structure: Made with high quality materials, the SFWP-280 is designed to withstand the most intense stresses. The treated steel frame guarantees optimal protection of the engine and internal parts, ensuring a long life of the product.
  • Ease of Use and Maintenance: The motor pumps are equipped with a quick start system and an intuitive user interface. Components are easily accessible for simplified maintenance, minimizing downtime.


Typical Applications:

  • Construction sites and Industry: Testing and filling of pipelines, drainage of excavations, waste water management, supply of industrial plants.
  • Civil Protection and Emergencies: Pumping interventions, management of water emergency situations.
  • Agriculture: Irrigation of fields, transfer of liquids.


For more information or to request a personalized quote, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our team is always at your disposal to help you find the solution best suited to your needs.


Spreader Crawler Tractor

Spreader Crawler Tractor - SLINGER

In recent years Scaip has designed and built a spreading machine.

The SRT250SL model is equipped with:

– Hydrostatic transmission
– Production max. of 126 cubic meters per day
– Payload of 12 t

Rubber Tracked Flatbeds


Since the early 90’s, SCAIP has produced tracked flatbeds designed for different work applications and soil types. These machines are highly customizable and can be fitted to the different needs of our clients.

SRT Series: includes flatbeds equipped with rubber tracks, engine power options ranging between 106 and 180 kW, and a loading capacity between 3,900 and 12,000 kg.

The SRT Series tracked flatbeds can be customized as:
– Dump beds
– Mobile workshops
– Sandblasting machines
– Induction heaters
– Pipe carriers
– Mobile pipe welding equipment, for coated and/or automatic electrode welding (MIG/MAG). Cranes are available in various sizes and brands depending on the customer’s request. They can be mounted on the back or front of the cab according to the specifications of the end user.

Engine options: CAT, PERKINS, FPT, VOLVO, DEUTZ, EU Stage V – EPA Tier 4 Final Ready.

Drawworks Winches


For more than 20 years we have been building and designing drawworks winches for the construction of oil and gas pipelines.

The machines are divided into two parts:  Power Unit (hydraulic unit) and Winch.

The range of Winches includes two different models that allow the operator to tow up to 50t.


The SWM series is equipped with:

– DEUTZ engine
– 32mm cable
– Hydrostatic transmission
– Maximum pressure of 350 Bar

Pile Driver


The SDR-108 pile driver is the newest addition to SCAIP’s product line. Fully designed and manufactured in-house, the SDR-108 is the perfect solution for driving 10, 15 or 20 foot long piles into the ground efficiently and accurately.

The machine was originally developed with the aim of constructing of solar energy farms, but can also be used in other areas such as for example the construction of new roads and highways by driving the piles that hold the road safety barriers in place. For such applications, the machine was designed with tracks so it can easily reach harder to reach terrains and navigate on unleveled surfaces.

Powered by a 59hp Yanmar diesel engine, the hammer is capable of generating a max force of 1080 Joules and achieve a hammer speed of 900 bpm. The mast is also self-adjusting, enabling the machine to always post the piles perfectly vertical. The machine has been designed in a way that it can be fitted with either a fully or semi-automatic GPS system that helps with the quick and efficient installation of many piles in specifically pre-determined locations on not perfectly level ground, such as with the construction of solar energy farms.

The SDR Series comes equipped with:

  • 59 hp Yanmar diesel engine
  • Self-adjusting mast
  • 900 kg hammer working at 900 bpm delivering 1080 J.
  • Full or semi-automatic GPS system

Conversion Kits


In 1992, SCAIP started the production of special conversion kits, called the CPX Series, to transform pipelayers typically equipped with mechanical winches, into pipelayers with hydraulic winches. These kits, once installed on the machine, allow the operator to manage the winches that control the winding of the ropes for the movement of the boom and for the descent/ascent of the hook through a single joystick.

The success this product has received in the market due to its effectiveness and reliability is such that SCAIP has already built and sold over 1,000 conversion kits worldwide.

The CPX Series conversion kits are equipped with:
– Free-fall buttons for the load being lifted
– Single joysticks controlling the winches that move the boom
– Boom kick-out systems to ensure booms never get bent
– Anti-two block systems to prevent collisions between the top block and hook block
– Anti tipping systems warning the operator before the load lifted reaches the tipping limit

Crawler Tractors Warrior


The WARRIOR tractors are agricultural crawler tractors designed and manufactured by SCAIP since the 90’s. These tractors are specially made to maximize output during plowing operations on very hard and heavy soil. These machines are very suitable for farm or forest tillage (as well as for sowing combined with harrow, terrain milling, uprooting etc.) with excellent performance in terms of power, traction and stability. Another condition in which our Warrior tractors have shown exceptional performance is in very wet areas where traditional tractors would get stuck. Performing the preparation of the soil with our tracked tractors helps the total yield as it prevents from compacting the soil too much allowing for stronger crop roots and better water absorption and drainage.

The STX Series crawler tractors are equipped with:

– Turbo Diesel engines from 130 to 440 HP compliant with EU Stage V / EPA Tier 4 Final Ready regulations that ensure power and speed for any application.

– Steel or rubber tracks for optimized traction, durability and weight distribution. The Warriors were originally designed with steel tracks for their durability (up to 10,000 working hours) and higher fuel efficiency than traditional wheeled tractors. By using the tracks, soil compression is reduced and no barrier to the natural drainage of water in the field is created, in this way the crops can grow in the best soil conditions. Warriors can operate in fields with slopes up to 30 degrees due to the weight distribution achieved by the tracks.

– Full Speedtronic EVO systems that manage traction during all work operations. Once the operator has selected the machine translation speed, as well as the working depth of the plow, the system will control the power to the tracks so that the operator does not have to manually control the rear hydraulic lift.

– Electronic traction control system that reduces trajectory correction during all types of operations especially during plowing operations. In fact, the plowing operations create a load that comes out from the longitudinal axis of the tractor. This expedient greatly reduces the attention required by the operator while driving in the working phases of the tractor. The steering system is also equipped with a counter-rotation function for quick and easy operation and maneuvering in very confined areas.

– Closed-loop hydrostatic transmissions with two axial pistons with variable displacement pumps each feeding axial piston hydraulic motors connected to planetary final drives, in oil bath, with negative brake. The travel circuit is completely independent and separate from the auxiliary hydraulic circuit for the auxiliary equipment. There are two independent hydraulic oil tanks to avoid any possible pollution of the hydraulic oil.

– ROPS / FOPS, soundproofed and air-conditioned driver’s cabs mounted on the chassis by means of elastic supports (which reduce vibrations). The cabin can be folded down on one side to allow access to the pump compartments and hydraulic filters.

– 3-point hydraulic lifts on oscillating tow hook. It is also possible to have the machine equipped with only the oscillating drawbar without the 3-fall lift.

– PTO shafts at the front or rear. The PTO is mechanical. Speed ​​at 2000 rpm: 1000 rpm. Splined shaft size: 1 ”3/8.

– Custom machine configuration. Being multi-purpose tractors, the Warriors can be set up according to the needs of our customer. Our offer may cover special machine setups with specific applications required and / or tools for special auxiliary equipment.

Lifting Equipment


SCAIP manufactures the following certified lifting equipment:

SGE Series lifting hooks with lifting capacities of up to 24t to be installed on excavators that are used on site as lifting machines.

SCR Series roli cradles for pipe laying.

SCL Series lifting slings to move the pipes with pipelayers.

High Capacity Modular Units


SCAIP’s commitment to providing solutions to the problems encountered by our customers in the construction of large off-shore platforms has driven our R&D center to develop a new series of special high-capacity self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT).

Such equipment can also be used in the construction of large infrastructural works, where moving high-weight objects can be a primary problem that requires a fast, safe and intelligent solution.

The STS Series of SPMTs is equipped with:
– A maximum load capacity of 600 tons
– Hydrostatic systems to ensure safety and reliability
– Remote-control systems to operate the SPMTs
– Control panels on the machines to operate the SPMTs
– Diesel, hybrid or fully electric engines

Vacuum Lifts


SCAIP has developed its own series of pneumatic vacuum lifts to be used for the handling of 12, 18, or 24 meter long pipes and an external diameter from 4″ to 60″. The vacuum lifts work with suction pads constructed to safely lift the pipes without damaging them. The new SVX Series is an evolution of the previous SVL Series, offering increased performance while reducing the overall dimensions and weight.

Combining the SVX/SVL Series vacuum lifts with the appropriate suction pad assembly provides complete and safe equipment solution for pipe handling.

The SVX Series of vacuum lifts are equipped with:
– Maximum lifting capacity of 24 tons without suction pads
– Safety flashing lights to indicate bond between suction pads and pipes
– Acoustic alarms active during red lights until correct bond is achieved
– Remote-control systems to operate the lifts from the excavator cabins
– Diesel cycle endothermic engines branded YANMAR or HATZ EU Stage V – EPA Tier 4 Final Ready